Ashanti Alston: The “Anarchist Panther” Discusses the War on Drugs

Blobby Burvant ’13, I’m sorry that I’m running out of ways to butcher your name in these event submissions. Anyway:

Ashanti Alston is a former black panther who now identifies as an Anarchist Panther. He’ll be coming to speak on the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex, and how they tie in to a history of racism and oppression in the United States. His anarchist perspective takes a long view of human history and questions the state and the way society is currently organized. This event is co-sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the Infoshop Collective, Resisting Imprisonment for a Safer Existence, and the African American Studies Department.

Free dinner provided!

Date: Feb. 28 – Feb. 28
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (in Exley)
Cost: Any shot at membership with the White Panthers

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