HOLD YER DOGGONE HORSES: Beardedness Survey Results

As you undoubtedly have been angrily complaining to your friends, professors, and Mert at Usdan, it’s been months since we posted about the beardedness-by-major survey put out by Dan Nass ’13. “Where are the results?”, you’ve asked. “What major’s got the ruffest scruff?” “Yo Mert, who are the Beatles anyway?” “Seriously, where are the results?

“Oh. There they are.”

Of course, there’s no way that’s the whole story. Darth Nass (who sports a full and vibrant beard himself, unsurprisingly) also included a complex virtual representation of  the results organized by class year, with a special cameo from the dearly departed class of 2010.

I promise that my excitement for the ensuing flame war constructive discussion in the comments far exceeds yours. Allow me to leave you with some guiding commentary from Mr. Nass to facilitate thoughtful discourse:

Participants were asked to asses their overall beardedness on a scale from 1-5. Only majors receiving more than 5 votes were included in the graph.


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13 thoughts on “HOLD YER DOGGONE HORSES: Beardedness Survey Results

    1. dnass

      I’m sorry, I thought that the graphs were pretty self-explanatory. As stated in the post, participants were asked to asses their overall beardedness on a scale from 1-5. The height of each bar represents the average of the responses received from each major or class year.

    2. Ayn Rand

      You’re demanding data labeling for a whimsical, non-scientific study of beardedness. Don’t be that guy.

  1. Dudette

    honestly, unless the first graph shows results by percentage of the bearded students in each major (as opposed to total number of bearded students in each major) this doesnt tell us anything more than the relative numbers of bearded students who replied… which is what’s actually represented??

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