Throw Culture Bake Sale Tonight

News from Throw Culture, Wesleying’s absolute favorite co-ed ultimate frisbee team, on a late night bake sale set for TONIGHT.  More from Keller ’11:

Saviors of the universe,

The bake sale space has been booked. We’ll be in the Exley Lobby (on the Church st. side) this Monday night, February 28th, from 11pm-12:30am. Take a study break and come eat some yummies to sustain yourself into the wee hours of midterm week.  I’m making bagels.

-Keller “muffins going to stop us now” Daniel
Who could resist a pun like that?  Come and get it this evening- don’t forget to bring cash. facebook here
Date: Monday, Feb 28
Time: 11pm to 12:30am
Place: Exley Library (Pi side)
Cost: moniez for delicious bagels and such
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