Roth Signs New Contract: Seven More Years

It will have been four years this month since Michael Roth ’78 was announced as Wesleyan’s 16th president, following the retirement of President Doug Bennet [’59] at the end of the 2006-2007 academic year.

An email from Joshua Boger ’73, P ’06, P ’09, chair of Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees, announces that President Roth has officially signed a new contract:

On behalf of Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees, I am pleased to inform you that President Roth has signed a new contract. Public intellectual, teacher, blogger, booster and, most important, leader, Michael has done an outstanding job for this university. The contract, effective immediately, is for seven years; and we are gratified to send this strong signal of support for his excellent leadership.

Regardless of any recent controversies or criticisms, this blog is offering its sincerest congratulations.

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13 thoughts on “Roth Signs New Contract: Seven More Years

  1. Olde Yankee

    Wise, wise decision by the Board of Trustees. Many colleges out there would love to have this guy as their leader. He is an excellent leader, genuine, open-minded, and learned. He has done more than any other president to get the word out about what Wesleyan is all about. I love the seven year deal part, because this will give President Roth the freedom to take some risks and implement substantial changes. He has great instincts and a feel for what needs to be done.

  2. Pgsdgq

    Love it. Best thing to ever happen to this school. Finally we are being considered as almost equal to Williams or Amherst.

    Don’t like the title of this post though as given recent events it seems somewhat condescending. Roth is “staying put.” What about ROTH TO STAY WITH WES or something? I mean it isn’t like there is an overwhelming tide of people who want him to step down or think he has done a bad job, just a few very outspoken students.

    1. anon

      I don’t think thats true, actually. How do you know the majority of students don’t want him to step down or think he has done a bad job? I think they do, and the faculty does too.

    1. Nah

      seriously? the man has very little to do with any of this beta shit, if that’s what you mean. you should be after certain administrators, not the figurehead.

      1. Yea.

        nothing to do with it? in the first email it was explicitly stated that the decision had come directly from Roth. Who is it you think Scott Backer and Rick Culliton and Mike Whaley and the rest of Roth’s shithead lackeys take their cues from?

        Roth is an asshole and is terrible for this school. your just naive; you’ll understand one day.

        1. Alum '10

          lemme guess… you dont want an admin at all? let students do whatever the hell they want? it’s a college, not a party (though college can have parties)

          1. Joe O'Donnell

            Actually that’s not what we want at all. We want an administration that listens to students and the student assembly members they elect to represent them instead of one that decides behind closed doors to implement unpopular, restrictive, and paternalistic policies and then hurl them upon us in the form of all-campus e-mails.

            It’s (supposed to be) one of the most liberal, progressive colleges in the United States, not an autocracy where out-of-touch administrators have the last say (though our college certain does seem to be getting dangerously close to that).

        2. YesMeansNo

          No, sorry, Michael Roth is not sitting in his ivory tower, sipping cognac in front of the fireplace and writing the next secret communique to Scott Backer. You obviously have no idea how internal policy works. With the exception of his slightly overzealous stance on drinking, which has essentially been about sanding the corners off current policy so the school can’t get sued as easily, he’s been good for the school. Financial aid is up. Support for interdisciplinary ventures is up, IN A RECESSION. Yeah, student culture is in the shitter, but that’s largely the result of crackdowns on student spaces, which is coming from the same admin goons. Roth has an institutional policy that’s a little suspect, sure, but you can’t say everything’s coming from him. Administrators have a larger hand in this at every school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not psyched on a lot of changes that we’ve weathered since I’ve been here, but what really gets me is people like you who speak authoritatively on things they know nothing about.

          Also, I refuse to listen to anyone who both uses and misspells “naïve.” You fucking pissant.

          Love and kisses,
          Some Cunt

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