Spring Break Dining Schedule

Click the flippin’ sweet movie poster for info on where to get yr eats on:

Happy travels, Wezzleyin! I just took the best nap ever. In similar spirit, this blog will be pretty much taking the best two-week nap ever starting now. Check in for scattered posting activity, but hold your refreshin’ for a lil bit, nahmean? Catch you in the springtime.

[edit: WesWings is also open for dinner tonight. It is not included in the Bon Appetit chart for obvious reasons. It is serving a “low point wing special!!” Get on that. Also, Red & Black is open 9-5 during Spring Break.]
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3 thoughts on “Spring Break Dining Schedule

  1. anon

    really wesleying? you’re gonna post another dehumanizing, disembodied picture of woman following the Latino Affirmation Month controversy?

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