“Das Stinky”

Victor: It smells like shit. Oh, my God! What's going on? Why is it so good?It smells like shit. Oh, my God! What’s going on? Why is it so good?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Das Racist post, so why not?  They’re playing Spring Fling! Except not really, but we’re all dying to know who is (can the appropriate committee make its appropriate announcement already please?).

Anyway, GQ recently got their hands on Das Racist, after a few lyrics caught their attention:

We could eat the flyest aged cave cheese for sheez, ma

Yeah, we could eat gruyere as if we care

we could eat Roquefort, or we could just kick it like Rockports in the periphery of Little Sicily.

Seemingly shocked by the Roquefort and Rockport connection, GQ decided to pull in a “cage-aged-cheese hookup” and got Das Racist to play with some of the good stuff.  A few lessons: Sriracha sauce, Ssips, Wonder Bread, and apple juice are all good for pairing with certain cheeses.  Tomme de Savoie is tasty and racist.  Vermont Shepherd is “very Bruce Springsteen.”  Cheese is made of leaves (all this must be common knowledge at WestCo Wine & Cheese).  You can’t forget to wonder though, “Where’s the welfare cheese at?”

Someone sign these guys up for the Cheese Co-Op.

View it here at [GQ].

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6 thoughts on ““Das Stinky”

  1. Fun Factz

    fact: two members of the above-discussed hip hop collective “das racist”–victor vazquez and himanshu suri–actually attended wesleyan university! in fact, if you google the group and/or view the group’s “wikipedia” page, you will find the truth of their attendance to be fairly out in the open.

    1. <3 Fun Factz

      Actually, since you mention it, a bunch of musicians attended Wesleyan. pretty sure MGMT, The Beatles, Santigold, and Bear Robot’s Dar Williams are just a few of the most famous….

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