Diversifying Weekend Nightlife

From Jen Liebschutz ’11:

Don’t feel like drinking some Saturdays? Don’t drink at all? Not a huge fan of frat, dorm, or house parties?

Come to the Daniel Family Commons (third floor of Usdan) this Thursday to talk about diversifying weekend nightlife. The AOD Committee, Student Affairs Committee, WSA, and others are putting on a conversation about ideas for fun things to do on a given Friday or Saturday night that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. Learn about available resources, ways to turn YOUR ideas into actual events, meet other interested people, and eat a FREE DINNER from Typhoon!

Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring some ideas, and bring an appetite!

See you there!

Date:   Tomorrow, March 24
Time:   6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place:  Daniel Family Commons

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6 thoughts on “Diversifying Weekend Nightlife

  1. Student '12

    Okay, I can’t make it, but someone let them know–we should have Wes Idol. Like American Idol. But on campus. With a prize incentive. It’s been done at other schools and is quite popular.

  2. TTT

    what about plays, concerts (CFA and student-run), poetry readings, etc etc etc? there’s so much going on that this seems redundant.

    1. Jen

      Plays and concerts aren’t necessarily social, though…we’ve heard from some students that they’re looking for something different, like late-night coffee houses, or x-box competitions, or games nights, etc, when other people are out partying.

  3. NLHLZ

    This is ridiculous, there are plenty of things to do on the weekend that don’t require alcohol or drugs, getting fucked up just makes them more fun…

    1. Guest

      I agree with you personally, but our opinions are not universally accepted by the student body. such students who disagree on the matter should have the right to meet each other and organize events

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