Real Talk: Continued, March 24th

Let’s make this campus like Mac & Cheese and mix it uppppp. Srsly tho, Somebody Mad Awesome ‘?? wrote in to say:

Remember Real Talk, the conversation at the end of last semester about acknowledging the divisions within the active community on campus? Over 60 people showed up to talk through some of the barriers that exist between our communities along various lines. Now its time to follow-up. Lets keep the energy from last semester going, but this time with an emphasis on action.

This Thursday there will be a follow-up to Real Talk where we’ll use small group discussions to brainstorm some of the root causes and invision tangible next steps.  Bring your ideas and bring you friends. Snacks will be provided.

Date:   March 24
Time:   4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Albritton 311

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