1000 Crane Project

From Yuki Ohmori ’13:

Come to Usdan to fold origami cranes, learn about the current natural disaster situation in Japan, and donate to the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief.

In Japan, there is a story that whoever folds 1000 origami cranes will have their wish granted.  It is a tradition for Japanese people to fold cranes when they have a big goal they want to accomplish, or to make them for someone who may be sick.

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, there will be an ongoing project to fold 1000 cranes throughout the end of March and the month of April during lunch and dinner time at Usdan.

In exchange of $1, you will be given one piece of beautiful washi origami paper to fold a paper crane. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fold one, because people at the table can teach you :) You are also welcome to write your name, a message, etc. on your crane.

All proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross, which has already started taking action in Japan to aid those who have been impacted by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

After we complete the project, we will be sending the cranes to Students Rebuild, an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation. The organization will be matching $2 for every crane they receive to support Architecture for Humanity’s plan to support the rebuilding efforts of Japanese architects.

Date:   March 24 – April 29
Place:  Usdan Cafe Area


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