Baths Plays Eclectic, Watches Rebecca Black

Post-Linus + Post-Dubstep = Post-Eclectic?

Post-Dubstep may not be the most photogenic movement (possible exception for all you Blakeheads), and Wednesday night shows may not be Eclectic’s rowdiest (hello, 12:00 quiet hours), but so what? Baths’ Will Wiesenfeld put on a fine show last night, hammering out most (all?) of debut album Cerulean—notable crowd faves included “Maximalist,” “Animals,” and “Lovely Bloodflow”—with just a Macbook, MPC, and single voice mic. Recent campus fave Treasure Island opened up the show (and will also be playin’ at tomorrow night’s Wild Wes benefit).

Below you’ll find some photos from the set. The last five are by Rachel Pincus ’13; the rest are by me. Unfortunately, I have none of Treasure Island. If you do, feel free to send `em to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Let us know if you want a name credit.

But first, a happy bonus: Baths’ Wiesenfeld had lunch with some of the show’s organizers earlier today, who showed him the works: Usdan Marketplace, and Rebecca Black’s alluringly dreadful (and dreadfully alluring) “Friday” video. No, seriously, he apparently hadn’t seen it before. Check out his reaction:

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    Something about uncomfortable people watching an uncomfortable video seems somehow…uncomfortable.

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