Participate in April’s Energy Fest

The two weeks leading up to Earth Day 2011 will be Wesleyan’s first annual April Energy Fest! The Fest will focus on increasing efforts across campus to reduce our energy consumption. This includes our first ever April Energy Fest Dorm Competition!!! If your dorm has an energy monitor, you’re part of this! The competition will take place from April 1st to April 15th. The energy use during these two weeks will be compared with a baseline energy consumption calculated for your dorm by Physical Plant. The dorm with the largest percentage of energy use reduction will win an AWESOME coffee travel mug and A PARTY WITH PRESIDENT ROTH!! Ice-cream sundaes included! This is your chance to turn individual efforts into collective win, and be proud of your dorm! Saving energy is easy—you would be surprised how little things could make such a big difference…

1.      Turn off the light whenever you don’t need it. That includes your room, the lounge, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry room. Wesleyan-provided lighting is the most efficient but if you require additional lighting, use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). They use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer.

2.      Keep showering time to the minimum. A ten-minute hot shower uses the equivalent of 2.9 kilowatt hours to heat the water—that’s about burning 21 ounces of oil.

3.   Unplug all appliances not in use! They absorb a tremendous amount of energy without even doing anything useful. See that your laptop is fully charged? Take out the power cord. It will benefit both the environment and your computer.

4. One computer left on 24 hours a day dumps 1,500 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Put your computer on standby/sleep—don’t use a screensaver. Use power management features on your computer (>System Preferences >Energy Saver for Macs). Tell it to turn-off your screen after 5 minutes and go on stand-by after 15 minutes.

More tips can be found at

Freshman Fauver, Senior Fauver, Hewitt, Clark, Nics, Butts, Hi Rise, Lo Rise— get ready to conserve! Let the rivalry begin!!

Those students in program houses and senior woodframes are also automatically entered into a different energy competition—the Do it in the Dark Competition pits all program and woodframe houses against each other to see which house can reduce their energy consumption the most. The winning house in each category—both lowest consuming houseper sq foot and most improved from the same house the previous year (to account for differences in house consumption)—wins gift certificates for a free dinner in town!


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3 thoughts on “Participate in April’s Energy Fest

  1. Vivan Lantry

    Thanks for those energy-saving tips.  I used to leave my appliances plugged, even when I’m not using them – even my laptop. But when I discovered that they still used energy even when turned off, I became vigilant and unplugged them when not in use.

  2. Ayn Rand

    While conservation works on a small scale, the only solution to the climate crisis is alternative sources of power. Also, I don’t care how much energy CFLs save. The light they emit is hideous.

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