BATTLE (of the bands)

Q: Who’s playing Spring Fling???

A: U R!

Dylan Bostick ’13 of Social Committee says:

Wesleyan’s annual Battle of the Bands is taking place on April 8th at Eclectic House! The winning band will open for Spring Fling on May 5th. Please email a demo (2 songs) to by Saturday, April 2nd. Bands chosen to compete will be announced by the following Monday.

PS: Don’t worry, the Spring Fling line-up will be announced very soon in the Argus and online. We appreciate your patience!

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Get your hipsters together and rock out like Bill Murray always duz.

JK, chillwave is dead and irrelevant.

It was fun while it lasted @ToroymoiNeonIndianWashedOutBathsifyoureignorant

It’s going to be a Magic(al) night.

Thanks for the pictures, Dyl.

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