Internet to Get Faster!

The WSA hears you: the internet’s too slow.  That’s why today, in conjunction with ITS, the WSA is happy to announce that we’ll have no more of it.  The internet is going to get faster.  Much faster.

Wipe those tears of joy from your eyes and read the official announcement from WSA COEAC Member Luke Voelk ’11 and Karren Warren of ITS: 

Dear Students,

Over the past few months the WSA and ITS have received numerous complaints about slow Internet and poor connection speeds. These concerns were taken very seriously. We are therefore pleased to announce that Wesleyan has changed providers and is moving from a 200MB line to 1000MB line.  This substantial increase should satisfy the needs of every student.  The contract for this deal has been signed. However, a change of this magnitude requires a great deal of work, so we ask for your patience.


Lucas Voelk’11
WSA Technology Coordinator

Karen Warren
Director of User and Technical Services

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10 thoughts on “Internet to Get Faster!

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  2. Alumnus

    Alumnus here, recently visited campus and logged on as a guest after having to download cisco clean access and update 19 security updates on my laptop (took over an hour). I finally log in with my old Wesleyan username and password (from 2008). To my horror I run a speed test and find I’m max downloading at 0.3 Mb/s. Suddenly had a flashback to 2001 when NSYNC was still popular. Seriously 0.3Mb/s ?! I don’t recall the Wesleyan internet sucking this hard when I was there 2004-2008. What happened? I’m now a med student at UConn (yes a state school) and our internet blows Wesleyan’s out of the water. I can’t believe how slow it has gotten. It’s a shame for such a prestigious and expensive school to have dinosaur internet. Looks like I’ll have to donate more money this year.

    -Wes ’08

  3. Seriously?

    Saying the bandwidth is going to be 1000 MB is like saying a car is going at 65 miles. No wonder the internet sucks if someone so high up in ITS can’t even use the right terminology to describe it.

    1. Seriously-er

      What do you propose they say? “1×10^3 MB”?
      If you’re suggesting “1 GB”, I’m not sure I want you touching my computer.

      1. Seriousliest

        They should make it into a rate of transfer, not a size. E.g., 1000mps. Thus saying a car has a top speed of 65 miles and not 65 miles PER HOUR is something you don’t want to hear from your mechanic.

  4. Lgn6666

    Hey, while you’re in there mucking around….
    how about blazing fast guest access also?
    It sure would be great to have the same blazing fast connectivity as I do when I visit Yale.

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