Professor Mary Morgan: “Reasoning Accounts: Economics for the Post-Colonial World”

From CHUM:

Mary S. Morgan, Fellow of the British Academy and Overseas Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, is Professor of History and Philosophy of Economics at the London School of Economics and University of Amsterdam. She has published on a range of topics from statistics to experiments, narrative and observation, and from nineteenth-century Social Darwinism to game theory in the Cold War. Her main books include The History of Econometric Ideas (1990) and Models as Mediators (1999 with Margaret Morrison), and The World in the Model (forthcoming), and she has edited collections on measurement, policy making with models, econometrics, and the development of probability thinking. The collection of essays How Well Do Facts Travel? (2011 with Peter Howlett) marks the conclusion of a major interdisciplinary team project on the nature of evidence in the humanities and sciences. She is currently “Re-thinking Case Studies Across the Social Sciences” as a British Academy-Wolfson Research Professor, this year as a Davis Center Fellow at Princeton University.

Date:   Monday, March 28
Time:   4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Russell House

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