Breaking: Kel Mitchell Has A Twitter

Happy Monday Afternoon Procrasturbatory Distraction. Read on for meaningless ’90s nostalgia study break. [Especially if you still think it’s cool to “smoke drugs,” God forbid.]

Welcome to the working week, all. Here’s a brain-melting internet find to make your Monday afternoon that much less productive more tolerable: Buzzfeed has taken the liberty of rounding up the 25 Stars from the ’90s You Probably Didn’t Know Were On Twitter. Thanks, Buzzfeed!

Follow Frankie Muniz and learn about his transformative experiences “relaxing by the pool listening to the 90’s station.” Follow that dude from The Wonder Years and read up on his wife’s stimulating “ability to find delicious and exciting toothpastes.”

Most of all, though, you should probably hit up Kel Mitchell [who loves orange soda?] of Kenan & Kel fame, so you can get in on inspiring updates on his workout schedule (“Just finished working out!”), spirituality (“Good sermons are always good to hear! Faith comes by hearing the word of God”), and, um, retweets like “I found the Good Burger soundtrack. Kel Mitchell’s ‘We’re All Dudes’ is so deep and inspiring.” Oh, and some advice for those who “still think its cool to drink and smoke drugs.”

Scope the full Buzzfeed feature here. While you’re at it, consider catching up on Things ’90s Kids Realize. And, in other and more pressing news, QGM BMKL DGKL LZW YSEW PU PQK LOYYXYZ JKJFKSR UB PQK LCDRR UB PVU-PQUORDYA DYA PQXSPKKY. Have a great day.

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