FREE LUNCH + the FGSS class you’ve always wanted to take

Feminist Lunch Lecture Series
Presents…Gina Athena Ulysse 

“Coming to Feminist Consciousness”
Gina Ulysse is a Haitian activist, scholar, performer and Wesleyan professor. Years ago, she had a fight with her father about the dirty dishes he kept leaving in the sink. Sound familiar? In this personal dialogue she will explore why we cannot divorce gender from class, race/color and other indices.

    Date: Tuesday, March 29th (Tomorrow!)
    Time: Noon to 1:00pm
    Place: Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center
    Cost: Free!

Organized by FemNet; Sponsered by the FGSS Department, WesWell and SALD. FemNet meets every Wednesday at 8pm in the University Organizing Center (190 High Street).

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