Mad Wow at ADP (3/26/11)

Last night, Saturday, March 26, 2011, Mad Wow, a large student band playing music primarily written by Gabe Gordon ’11 and Spencer Hattendorf ’12, played their second-to-last show at Wesleyan. The band, described as a “p-funk and soul band” by The Argus, played to a packed crowd in Alpha Delt’s living room. Joining the horn section this semester is Isaac Silk ’14, trombone, who played last night and will be playing in the rest of their shows for the semester. Especially invigorating was the band’s enthusiastic cover of “I Want You Back.” The band’s last show at Wesleyan will be on Saturday, April 23, where they will be joined by Wordsmith at Beckham Hall, for free. For this last show, Mad Wow will include a string section. For more about The Taste and pictures from the concert, read past the jump.

The Taste, winners of Awesomefest this year, opened for Mad Wow. This was The Taste’s first show at Wesleyan, not counting their ten minute set at Awesomefest. They are:

  • Ethan Tischler ’14 – Vocals
  • Adam Jaskol ’13 – Tenor Sax
  • Adam Brudnick ’13 – Guitar
  • Dan Wissinger ’13 – Bass
  • Matt Leibowitz ’14 – Trumpet
  • Nate Jacobs ’13 – Drums
  • Zach Burns ’14 – Keyboard

Their next show will be Friday, April 8, when they play at the Battle of the Bands at Eclectic. They will also play a SHOFCO benefit on April 9 at Psi U. Also on the bill was The Pistol Whip Orchestra, new to the Wesleyan concert scene (check `em out here).

Below, a few more pics from the show.

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  2. Guest

    does no one in the taste realize that winning awesomefest is not an honor? it’s a joke meant for the band the “judges” liked the least.

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