WesFestWatch: Host a Prefrosh

[Snide PCU reference goes here. Hosting a prefrosh is pretty much the best way to exert an influence over Wesleyan’s incoming class and share the real Wes experience, whatever that may be for you, and also use italics too much. Poster says it all, but read on for more from our dear WesFest interns.]

WesFest is coming up and we need you! Young, eager, starry-eyed prefrosh are ready to experience Wesleyan for a great weekend, but need a place to stay. We are asking you to give them your floor, nothing more. This is a one-night commitment.

Interested? Click here! Also, more information at the Facebook event here.

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2 thoughts on “WesFestWatch: Host a Prefrosh


    …or better yeeeeeeet HOST A PUPPIE!!!!!!!!! that’d be way better. ya or ya? aightzkiz let’s set up this program with a pet store or somethinnnng.

  2. Ayn Rand

    Puppies blacken my soul. Lolcats, preferably in the vein of Monorail Cat or Bacon Cat, would convince me to host a prefrosh. I’ve heard they’re all the rage in France.

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