Do it in the Dark

Live in a woodframe or program house? Your house is automatically entered into the Do it in the Dark Energy Competition. Each month two groups of housemates each win gift certificates for a dinner in town at a restaurant of their choice! The prizes are given to one house in each category: least total energy per square foot and least energy per square foot compared to the same house during the same month, the previous year. Reduce your energy consumption and you could bring pride and free dinner to your house!

Each month the winners (and losers!) are posted on our blog, Check it out to see if you’ve won and get tips to reduce your energy usage!

Do it in the Dark from Wesustainability on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Do it in the Dark

  1. joke

    This is a joke. Check out the video. I hope the people putting this on aren’t getting paid.

  2. do it

    agreed. any given week’s cultural event gets 100x more notice than this. ramp it up!
    public concern for climate change is lower than it was in the early 90’s – publicity is HUGE

  3. Anon

    The publicity for this has been shit. Who’s in charge of this, anyways? If you want people to care, do more than just post on Wesleying.

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