Suggest Movies for the Film Series

The Film Board is now accepting suggestions from the student body for next year’s Film Series. We’ll have suggestion boxes around campus. Alternatively, use the link to the Google Doc below to suggest films. We’re looking for suggestions of all types of movies. The only restriction is that we don’t repeats films more than once every four years.


  • Suggest the same film more than once. The Google Doc tracks usernames, so we’ll know if you request Sucker Punch 300 times (although nothing is stopping you from stuffing the physical suggestion boxes).
  • Suggest upcoming major releases. If a studio’s spending $70+ million on the marketing campaign, it’s on our radar.


  • Suggest upcoming limited releases, independent films, and foreign films
  • Suggest movies you want to see

Edit: It’s basically impossible to get the rights to Star Wars, so unless you have an in with George Lucas, don’t bother suggesting it.

Link here

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