The Cupcake Cup

Lila Becker ’12 (Queen of Full House) sends this message via the wafts of sugary goodness perpetually floating over campus from the corner of Wash and High:

Have you been wishing that you could sample some amazing cupcakes while helping bring clean water to Bangladesh? Well then, come to Usdan on Thursday from 6-7:30 for The Cupcake Cup! Here’s how it works: you pay $4 for a ballot, sample cupcakes baked by different teams, and vote on your favorites. The winners get eternal fame and glory, Brighter Dawns gets the proceeds, and you get the cupcakes!

Where: The Usdan cafe tables
When: Thursday 3/31 from 6-7:30. Come early to guarantee that you’ll get cupcakes!
Cost: $4

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