Get Involved With Access America Prep!

Access America Prep is a program that helps high school students to “find, be accepted to, and succeed at the college of their choice.” This summer, Wesleyan will host an intensive program for international students that will prepare them for SATs, essay, interviews, etc. They are trying to hire some Wesleyan students.

For more information about this opportunity check out the website here or email Zach Dixon ’12 at

Interviews are tomorrow and Friday, April 1st in the Career Resource Center from 9am-5pm.

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5 thoughts on “Get Involved With Access America Prep!

  1. interested

    why doesn’t it say anything about compensation anywhere? i don’t even want to look at an application form unless i know it might be worth it

  2. Tree

    So rich international students can beat out hard-working and deserving, but underprivileged, domestic students? Sounds like a great program!

    1. what?

      AAP also serves U.S. citizens. Those students are also beating out hard-working, “deserving'” but underprivileged, domestic students. Isn’t this always the case with any kind of preparatory service?

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