Weisz ’07 Directs Big Freedia Video

Wesleyan, meet Big Freedia, the self-claimed “Queen Diva” of Bounce Music, which is defined on her website as:

an original urban music rising up from the intimate and fun-loving nature of the New Orleans housing projects, which dominate the city’s street culture, and Freedia performs a derivative of Bounce reserved for self-proclaimed “Sissies” (a locally used name for biological men with varied and ambiguous sexual identities) that has risen to prominence in recent years.

Scope the above video for a booty-slapping, green screen-happy romp around New Orleans. “Y’all Get Back Now” was directed by Bob Weisz ’07, whose other credits include lotsa MGMT, Das Racist, and Boy Crisis. And no, none of them feature moves as other-worldly and infectious as Big Freedia’s “Y’all Get Back Now.”

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