Wesleyan Women’s Club Soccer wants you!!

From Sunita Karan ’12:

Do you like soccer?
Do you like playing soccer?
Can you play soccer?

Can you kinda play soccer?

Did you played a little in high/middle/elementary/ preschool, but want to improve your balance a bit so you don’t fall out of bed and break your elbow so often? Want to be awesome? Want to be more awesome than you already are? Want to ride ruby-scaled dragons into the sunset? (….sorry, can’t guarantee this one – Norbert’s been feeling a tad off lately) Do you want to take shots (on goal that is)!?!


If your response to any of the above questions was “hell YES!!” (or “yeah, alright,” or “mmmmsure,” or “ahahAHA”), then you should come to our next practice – tomorrow, Thursday, March 31, 4:30-6:00pm on the field overlooking the track behind Freeman to play a little and learn more about Wesleyan club soccer!! Or, if you want to learn a more first or can’t make it tomorrow, you can e-mail skaran(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for details.


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