What the holy Basinger

Ol skool.

It’s perhaps a truism to say that different people have different talents, or inclinations, or skills, or interests, or whatever. And though we don’t typically flinch when we hear that those abilities are banal stuff like, oh I don’t know, stamp-collecting, violin-playing, basket-weaving, wind-surfing, douchebaggery, or whatnot, we may cock our heads a little to the side when we hear it’s something particularly peculiar, like panda-production.

But the Ripley’s Believe or Not comic strip published yesterday didn’t just cause me to cock my head to the side, it’s friggin’ dislocated my JAW.

John Basinger, husband of Jeanine Basinger, high-empress and overlord of the hipsters (and/or film majors), was reported by Ripley’s to have spent 8 years memorizing THE ENTIRETY OF JOHN MILTON’S PARADISE FUCKIN’ LOST. No shit, homie.

Strip to be found after the jump.



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5 thoughts on “What the holy Basinger

  1. Anonymous

    Nice post! I remember seeing an ad for a reading (or I guess you can’t call it a reading if there’s no use of a book; a recital, perhaps) he was doing in Broad Street Books a couple semesters ago. Baller. m/

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