An Important Message from the WSA

Yo yo, check out this fantastic(al) addendum to our just-announced Spring Fling lineup, from the WSA:

Dear Students,

The WSA has been working with the Social Committee to organize an exciting Spring Fling. In addition to the announced lineup, we are pleased to announce that internet sensation Rebecca Black will be opening Spring Fling with her smash hit, “Friday.” This new act will make history as Rebecca Black will be the youngest performer to play at a Wesleyan Spring Fling.

Additionally, the WSA would like to thank the President’s Office for financing all additional costs related to Rebecca Black’s performance.

Hopefully now WESU will step up its game and devote an entire show to this gorgeous, 5x-slowed-down remix of “Friday,” which I’d characterized as Rebecca-Black-meets-Alvin-Lucier-on-Valium:

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13 thoughts on “An Important Message from the WSA

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  5. Not a joke

    i don’t know where to post this, but why is making wesleying pink and using a header with a female figure considered funny? you seem to be mocking the female figure and also that somehow pink denotes “less serious.” You are re-inscribing patriarchal norms and misogyny in your “joke.” Maybe for once wesleying could rise above using the female figure as a mode of humor.

    1. GHAAZE

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA wooooooooooooowwwwww do you hear yourself? bahah calm down. when i saw the layout, as a girl i wasnt like oh wow i tooootez relate to this because its pink and sparkly omgzz. yeeeesh just lighten up. uber feminists always look too closely into things and unknowingly put females in a box. lol stop looking for sexism when it isnt there. sometimes a pink banner is just a pink banner. PEEEEEEACE!

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