Michael Bay to Give Fall 2011 Lecture Series

It has recently been announced that famed Wesleyan alum (and studly stud) director Michael Bay ’86 will be leading a guest lecture series for the Fall 2011 semester: Explosions in Cinema. The study and analysis of Cinéma Verité d’Explosion is a relatively new branch of Film Studies. Lectures will focus on the functions of explosions within a filmic narrative and effect of shattering detonations on the audience. Students will analyze cinema classics such as His Girl Friday, The Wizard of Oz, and Casablanca, examining the potential for aspects of the environments to explode into massive mushroom clouds of devastation.

A screening of Bay’s landmark senior thesis, which was presented at the 1986 Sundance Film Festival, will take place early on in the semester. The thesis, which prominently displayed slow motion footage of a pipe bomb exploding underneath a trash can filled with glitter and confetti shot using 35 mm film, is largely considered one of the finest theses of any film department graduate. The thesis’ budget is estimated to be around 200,000 dollars and stars a young Abigail Breslin.

Bay’s celebrated works include, iRobot, Tootsie, The Land Before Time Series, and Avatar. Bay also worked as the executive producer for Full House. In 2003, Bay taught a seminar entitled, Conversations on Destruction Porn. Students described it as “eye-candy,” and “I didn’t understand anything but, wow. Just wow.”

The lectures will only be available to registered film majors.

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