UGH today was HORRIBLE


WOW ok everyone today i have just had like the DUMBEST 24 HOURS EVER!!!! lol where to start so manythings have happend. OK so everythign has been dumb and dumber but well start with like lastnight so my friend brought his friend OR WHATEVER but likehes friends with some girl. what???? I know!!! so then like the girl was her firend too or whatever. dumb ho!!! lol. seriously i met her and you know y w

asreally nice like usual and everything and i asked her if shewhat she was into and stuff. so she said some normal stuff like you know movies and whatever i was like what movies???? and i was like no she said she was into you know tranformers I just stopped.


Sky kids SUCH  agood movie!!! haah just kidding you know im being ironical or watever lol everyone at this SCHOOL GOSH!!!

I said wait. WHAT. NO MY GOD WOW. SERIOUSLY!!!! lol!!! but it was funny because i said after like ” you mean ironically??? she was like no it’s a fun movie LOSER!!! no one actualy likes that first of tall the gy went to my school second of all so lame like really!! explosions so male-dominated and stuff mickel bay is a dambasse. but i wasnt going to tell her so i just said ” yeah i know transformers is probably a very popular movie at vassar. (she was from vassar)” so you know like i kind of told her but didnt too??? realy clever! hahaha SERIOUSLY ONLY WESLEYNAKIDS KNOW THIS STUFF BECAUSE HE WNET HERE SO ITS REALY OBVIOUS WE CAN LIKE DECONTSRUCT HIS FILM OR WHATEVER. ANYONE ELSE IN THE MICHAEL ROTH CLASS???? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WORST EXAM EVER I THINK I FAILED THE QUIZ AHAHAHAHA WHATEVER I JUST WANT TO PARTY

oh i almost forgot!!! anyway today was the wors t because i didn’t even get 2 get crunk (wesleyan style!!!! thursdays go college!!!!) yesterday and that was SO ANNOYING and so i woke up for like class or whomever this morning so lame. then i had another class ugh stupid and i went to usdan the stir fry line is so long. seriously. whoever is in charge of the stirfry line is probably a republican because its so dumb!@!!!! liek really wow get a lifeand learnt o do a line but my friends made me feel better when i finally got out of line and we ate you guys the FUNNIEST USDAN LUNCH!!! ONLY FOR WESLEYAN KIDS lol i think i saw prefrosh today???? wesfest watch out world!!!! hahahaha


Oh yeah BEOFRE I FORGET!!! i found the funniest video ion the internet no. Probably more like the cutest seriously i need to do my nomenclature stuff. ami iright???? haha a ok anyway just look

OH> MY> GOD>>>. Seriously i showed veryone i even showed my hallmate and bff <33333333333 love you! and actualyl this wat the cutest<333 seriously so many warm feelings!! but it was funny too liek one of my favoite movies its called napoleon dynamite. it wasnt’ very popular its pretty undersgound you wouldnt know it if you were int he mainstream.. ahahaha only at wes!!!!!


okay well ihave to go thanks for the blog though. seriously i ahve to work tonight ITS FRIDAY WHY DO I HAVE WROK UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL anyway partying hard tonight back light parties!!! so wesleyan haha they are going to be so good. fight fight for wes bye guys

^^^ serously likeKILL ME NOW!!!!!! lol

edit: guys before you ask its a skull to symbolize death because you know i said kill me now??? duh take a literature class seriously lol science majors dont know anything. jk love you!!!

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