Bard Also Cops Rebecca Black for Spring Fling (NAAAHHHT)

Yesterday, April Fools’ Day, we posted an obviously hoaxy but still chuckle-worthy WSA announcement that may have come two Fridays too late: Rebecca Black, infamous teenybopper behind the viral video smash “Friday,” will also be opening Spring Fling, along with the previously announced lineup. Hopefully this addition won’t give you as much pronunciation trouble as “Raekwon” and “Wavves.”

The crux? Bard’s student government somehow played the exact same April Fools’ Joke on its own student body up in Annandale-on-Hudson. Apparently rampant semi-satirical-but-also-on-point dinner party decadence isn’t the only factor uniting Wes with Bard. Fun Fun Fun!

Here’s the full email announcement sent out to Bardians yesterday:

Dear Bardians,
Though possible impending snow may make it seem like a long way away, I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that in less than one month from now we will be partying it up at spring fling! Senior projects will be in (oh how we hope) and the end of year approaching.

Your fellow students on the Spring Fling Committee have been working over the past two months to organize events ranging from milongas and paint fights, to food and craft stands, they have been booking performers, DJs and artists and have a wonderful weekend lined up for you.

I am pleased to announce that thanks to generous support from the administration, Entertainment Committee, and Student Association Government, Rebecca Black will be headlining at BLOCK PARTY on Saturday. We have just received confirmation from her agent and we are on her tour list! I’m looking forward to that weekend! Fun, fun, fun!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Committee finalizes our bookings!

Many thanks!

Jeremy Carter-Gordon

Secretary of the Student Association Government

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