Battle of the Bands Lineup Announced

“Whose cuisine will reign supreme?”

Widely known but largely under-discussed: Wavves, Walkmen, and Ghost/Rae aren’t the only acts performing at Spring Fling ’11. Social Committee has just announced the lineup for Battle of the Bands—six Wesleyan bands each vying for the opportunity to open Spring Fling. Les candidats:

Discussion questions: Who’s gonna snatch it? Who’s missing? Who most deserves the opportunity to rub shoulders with Ghostface and co? Can Linus alum take the gold twice in a row?

Battle’s on Friday. More detailed event post coming soon.

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17 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands Lineup Announced

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  3. well....

    this person is overreacting a little, but recognize that they did turn away almonds and elephants, ishmael, and bones complex

    [Ed. Note: This comment is not from “utterly disappointed” at the beginning of the thread – a kink in the comment system merged the users due to their use of the same email.]

          1. Guest

            they had a shot. they didn’t make it. i don’t like them. what else is there to say.

          2. Guest

            bones complex combines bad reggae with even worse rap. ishmael sounds like a jam session i could be having with my friends. and i honestly dont even know what to call the shit that almonds and elephants plays… besides calling it shit.

            again, my opinion. i don’t like the taste either but they did make it.

          3. Rabblerowza

            Yes, you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but if you want people to take you seriously, I suggest you try expressing it more articulately. Saying a band plays “bad reggae with even worse rap” or that they sound like “shit” tells me that you don’t really have any legitimate reasoning behind your opinion, besides possibly just having a very narrow-minded view of music. I’m not a huge fan of indie-pop, but I recognize that Treasure Island is at least a talented group.

            In reference to your comment regarding Ishmael: If the jam sessions you have with your friends involve multiple time signature changes and some pretty well put together songs, then a) good for you and b) that’s a compliment. Otherwise, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

          4. Guest

            Dude, did you see Almonds and Elephants at Psi U? I’d say “shit” is a pretty good descriptor of their sound. Could’ve been a bad night, but I feel that for a band to be taken seriously people should at least be playing their main instruments.

            Treasure Island has a talented singer and a particular style of songwriting, but the musicianship is fairly low. Seriously, every fucking line that guitarist plays sounds exactly the same — “look- at- me – I – know – a – major – scale – and – i – play – it – ve- ry – even”

            And honestly, that’s a fair if one-sided characterization of Bones. Their rapper isn’t the best, and their horn section could use some work. I happen to like what they’re going for, but they could definitely be pulling it off better.

            Never heard Ishmael though, so no comment about that.

            Also, The Japanese are definitely indie-pop-rock, just not indie rock in the most recent style. Look back a few years for their influences.

  4. sc

    for the record, nobody in a band was allowed to vote and the names of the bands were not revealed to those voting. – sc

  5. Anon

    sure there are three “indie” bands there (apache kid, linus 2.0, and flora and fauna) but there are also three bands that are completely different. the taste have a brass section, the japanese play rock music (no indie bullshit), and yeomans omen are pretty much a power pop band. most bands at the school are “indie” bands. but not all the bands fit that stereotype. what bands were you looking for?

  6. Anonymous

    Not to try and smear our long-standing tradition of negative comments, but would you mind posting some of these good bands so that we can hear them? Seriously – I’m interested.

    Also, the idea of a band vote is interesting.

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