Oh Snap: EduHookup

Once again the Interwebz throws from left field something so strange yet so inconceivably ingenious that I can’t decide whether I want to applaud the human audacity of it all or just feel a little dirty, sticky, and dead inside while holding myself in the corner of my Hi-Rise bathtub.

A couple of days ago Brown University’s Blog Daily Herald announced that “EduHookups” – a new online social platform that is something like a classifieds-esque webhub that provides a base for people to seek out or offer hookups – is hitting their shores. As they describe it,

The purpose of the site is simple: to give college students an easy (no pun intended) place to seek out sexual encounters. For both the cripplingly shy and the passionately deviant, eduHookups should represent a welcome addition to the college student’s casual sex utility belt (apparently the old-fashioned kind of social lubricant just doesn’t do it anymore).

The site has been considered a “relative success” so far, with around 800 registered members and media coverage from the Huffington Post, the Chicago Maroon, and the Daily Mail over in the UK (with the hilarious header: “Chastity is Curable”). Heck, it even earned a mention by Jay Leno (you can see the clip of the monologue by following through the Blog Daily Herald link).

Now, I personally don’t know what to make of this. To some extent, it performs a specialized function that could otherwise be served generally by the ACB (that is, fishin’ for some casual lurvin‘). But to another extent, it’s also an institutionalization, distillation, and formalization of what’s more or less a considerable portion of what typically goes on in college. Though, I suspect the experience of hooking up in and of itself undergoes something of a conceptual or phenomenological transition if it were facilitated through such a medium – but I’ll leave that shit up to some academic who really cares.

When Supreme Leader Zach first brought the site to my attention, my knee-jerk reaction was that this may well be the true End of Romance (if it isn’t already dead). His reply was simple, but cryptic: “Romance isn’t dead. It just smells funny.

When will college get less confusing? Anyway, you can hit up the site itself here.

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    1. ForeverAlone

      Absolutely! The site is broken as well. Brown’s name comes twice in the drop down and you can go to the second page while trying to go through the listing.

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