“Waiting to Inhale” Film Screening, feat. Mark Braunstein

From Bobby Burvant ’13:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy presents: Waiting to Inhale, with guest speaker Mark Braunstein. This documentary examines the heated debate over marijuana and its medical usage in America. It tells the stories of people from all sides of this very personal issue, from patients whose lives have been made bearable only by medical marijuana to parents who lost their children to a drug addiction. “Waiting to Inhale” is a sound presentation of the medical facts about marijuana, the arguments for and against medical marijuana, and its legal history in the United States.

Our guest speaker Mark Braunstein became a paraplegic from a diving accident in 1990, and uses marijuana to treat the spasms and pains of spinal cord injury. His use of marijuana is medicinal for below the waist, and recreational for above. Since 1997, he has served as Connecticut’s poster child for medicinal marijuana. He has publicly confessed his “crimes” many times, including three weeks ago to the Judiciary Committee. He works at Connecticut College as a print curator and art librarian, professions notorious for harboring dangerous criminals.

Date:   Wednesday, April 6
Time:   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Shanklin 107

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