Yes, Matisyahu is Happening

Anonymous ‘XX writes in with some information about the concert:

That’s right kids, the rumors are true: Matisyahu and Chiddy Bang are coming to Wesleyan! Come out and blow off some steam with the seniors as they celebrate the end of thesis season. After winning the Wesleyan DJ Battle in February, YeaMannn aka Ian Johnson ’11 will be opening the night up.

Tickets go on sale for $10 at the box office tomorrow (4/5) and they will be available as long as supplies last. Tickets will not be available at the door. Wes Students only, no bags allowed (there will be concert security).

Come out and send winter away with a Bang! Bring in the spring with what promises to be one of the biggest events of the year!

Date: April 12 – April 13
9:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Spurrier-Snyder Hockey Rink

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21 thoughts on “Yes, Matisyahu is Happening

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  3. Askjhkfh

    as one who “doubts the awesomeness of matisyahu,” the video you posted really did clear things up for me, thank you. he’s wack.

  4. Anonymous

    so this is my scenario: I have been living as a hermit since god knows when working on this thing I dont even know what I’m arguing. I’m gonna get it done, yes. Then at 4pm on tuesday I’m gonna pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate then go to this fuckin sick concert and party with 499 other kids and have a good time for the first time ever in the last couple of months.

    yes, $10 is expensive. but that is less than my meal at weswings last night (and slightly more expensive than my salted pistachio nuts and guayaki I just got from weshop). and just in general, I think it’s still a pretty good steal for someone like matisyahu and chiddy bang. I’ve heard people blasting off music from the hockey rink and they sound quite decent. So, assuming that there will be real sound system, I think the sound is gonna be just fine.

    plus, Ian has always rocked each party he DJ’d for. dancing to his tunes blasted on giant sound system would be pretty sick

    1. Wrong issues.

      People will enjoy the concert no doubt. A lot of people. And the price isn’t too bad.

      However, it’d be great if people knew the story behind the controversy. Please try to inform yourselves about the real issues at hand: the questionable planning / total cost (especially considering how much other concerts and Spring Fling cost).

      1. anonymous

        Wait what is the controversy? Why don’t you go ahead and say something if you’re going to allude to it.

  5. guest

    Yeeesss this is gonna be sick. So excited!!! Perfect way to emerge from thesis carrel hibernation. Don’t rain on our parade Wes this is a good thing!

  6. Me

    yes! let’s go to an overpriced concert in the shittiest possible venue on campus! not only will the show not sell out, but the sound will be atrocious!

    fuck i thought donovan would have learned from the girl talk concert a few years ago.

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