International Students: Apply For A Scholarship To Attend The Wesleyan Writers Conference

All international students are invited to apply for scholarships to attend the Wesleyan Writers Conference.

Whether you think of yourself as a writer or not, this is an interesting and influential program and a great place to meet interesting people (including federal judges, doctors,and choreographers, all of whom have secret novels-in-progress).

You will attend classes, readings, workshops, and special events with some of the finest writers at work today. You can work closely with faculty members, guests, and fellow participants, and seek private consultations on your writing if you choose. You will have a chance to meet aspiring writers from across the US and the world, and learn why writing matters to them.

Program and faculty: The program includes broad discussion of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, theatre, journalism, biography, memoir, and writing about science and medicine. Top editors and agents will talk about the future of publishing and about preparing material for publication. A leading science writer/publisher promises to tell you how to get a job!

The faculty include award-winning fiction writers Amy Bloom, Roxana Robinson, and Paul LaFarge; poet/memoirist/dramatist Honor Moore; New Yorker journalist Lis Harris; mystery and TV writer Peter Blauner (of Law and Order LA); theatre producer Sarah Stern; and medical writer Joseph Fins, MD, a leading neurologist and ethicist. Six of New York’s top editors and agents will also speak.

Apply now! The deadline for international student scholarship submissions is Monday, April 11th, but this is flexible. Full program information is available here and scholarship application information is detailed here.

We hope to see you in June! (We expect to support six students, possibly more, this year.)

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