Like music? Come make some!

“I like music, but…”

  • “I’m bad at it!” – We want you anyway!
  • “I’m tired of arguing about it!” – Sweet, come join the fun!
  • “I’m busy at 11 tonight!” – Come later!
  • “I am morally opposed to fun!” – :(

Bring instruments/implements/incense/innocence if you’ve got ’em!

Thyme: 11 PM,  tonight (the weather will permit, or else)
Plays: Foss Hill

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3 thoughts on “NOISE NITE ON FOSS

  1. Jason Shatz '14

    Why don’t we do this along with the Primal Scream on the night before finals?

  2. zombie

    inspiration from the original noise nite –

    “-a cosmic exposition of musical/anti-musical talent spontaneously
    generated by like-minded people.

    -an experiment in direct democratic thought filtered through the bullshit
    of pretension.”

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