Happy Birthday, Michael Roth!

Here’s wishing a happy and healthful 54th birthday to everyone’s favorite university administrator! For the one man on campus who works just as hard as those thesiscrazy demons but probably won’t get a chance to swig champagne on the Olin steps next Tuesday: take it easy for once. Celebrate in style.

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As posted last year, here is a partial collection of links pertinent to the study and celebration of all things Roth:

And also, the cutest wall post I have ever seen (name and face blacked for privacy):

Happy birthday, Michael! Chill out and listen to some Rothwave . . .

  • barbra streisand
  • Robertson

    Incredibly pretentious to set Facebook to French.

  • huh?

    can you really take a pic like that of Kari and Roth sleeping off of facebook and post it here on wesleying without permission? creepy…..

    • uh-huh?

      Couldn’t agree more. So creepy. He just runs a university, he deserves some privacy.

      • He uploaded the image himself and posted it on his own very public Facebook account that has been made viewable to anyone at Wesleyan. But still, image removed for Kari’s privacy.

  • kb

    I <3 horses!!! Happy B-DAY Michael!