Happy Birthday, Michael Roth!

Here’s wishing a happy and healthful 54th birthday to everyone’s favorite university administrator! For the one man on campus who works just as hard as those thesiscrazy demons but probably won’t get a chance to swig champagne on the Olin steps next Tuesday: take it easy for once. Celebrate in style.

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As posted last year, here is a partial collection of links pertinent to the study and celebration of all things Roth:

And also, the cutest wall post I have ever seen (name and face blacked for privacy):

Happy birthday, Michael! Chill out and listen to some Rothwave . . .

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Michael Roth!

  1. huh?

    can you really take a pic like that of Kari and Roth sleeping off of facebook and post it here on wesleying without permission? creepy…..

    1. uh-huh?

      Couldn’t agree more. So creepy. He just runs a university, he deserves some privacy.

      1. Zach

        He uploaded the image himself and posted it on his own very public Facebook account that has been made viewable to anyone at Wesleyan. But still, image removed for Kari’s privacy.

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