Film Series: F for Fake

1973. France/Iran/West Germany. Dir: Orson Welles. 89 min.

Fans of EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP will enjoy Welles’ final film, a free-form documentary about trickery, fraud, and lies that plays like a cross between an art house con job and a breathless magic trick. As he giddily exposes art forgers and unscrupulous liars, Welles playfully redefines what a non-fiction film can be.

Date: Today, April 9
Time: 8pm sharp
Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema
Cost: Free

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One thought on “Film Series: F for Fake

  1. WesleyanFilmBoard

    Should have checked the text before posting. While this was the last film he directed, Orson Welles’s last film role as Unicron in Transformers.

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