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Cella Jones ’12 writes in to tell you about a neat way to impact sustainability at Wesleyan, and get paid for doing it! Take a look, and send your résumé and statement of interest to Bill Nelligan ( by Sunday, April 17th. Interviews will then be held by appointment. And just like this picture shows, you’ll have the whole (green) world in your hands. What I’m trying to say is that by being the Sustainability Intern, you’re sort of like Jesus. Maybe that’s an exaggeration..

Interested in a year-round internship focused on sustainable efforts at Wesleyan? Two positions as Sustainability Interns with Physical Plant are opening up this year. If you’re interested in campus sustainability issues, this is really great way to get involved. There has been a lot of progress in environmental practices over the past few years, but Wesleyan still has a long way to go. With this job, there’s a huge potential to enact real change on campus and beyond.

More info about the position after the jump!


An Ideal Candidate:
We’re looking for someone with a high level of organizational skills, as well as a deep and demonstrated dedication to improving sustainability at Wesleyan.

Position Details:
The work study/intern(s) position will require fifteen (15) hours of paid time per week shared by multiple students. This position will be filled by students regardless of their work-study eligibility but will be restricted by the 5 hour per week maximum. Pay is $8.10/hour, 12 weeks/semester.

The work study/intern will report to William S. Nelligan, Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability; the intern will need to be self-directed and able to manage multiple ongoing projects, and be proficient with Gmail, Excel, and Blogspot (or similar platform). The responsibilities of the internship include coordinating and running the Waste Not! Item Collection and Tag Sale (which requires availability for all of Senior Week/Reunion Commencement and Orientation Week), the Do it in the Dark Energy Competition, the April Inter-Dorm Energy Competition and the Recyclemania competition, to name a few. In addition, the interns serve as a liaison between student groups, the Wesleyan Sustainability Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship and the primary users and administrators of campus buildings. This includes communicating and collaborating with department administrators, dorm resident advisors, library and computer lab administrators, etc. to determine and improve current energy use practices.

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