Ready, Set, Compost!

Black Stars: Working Composting Machines; Red Stars: Broken or Planned Expansions (Will be working soon!)

Black Stars: Working Composting Machines.  Red Stars: Broken or Planned Expansions (Will be working soon!). Click to enlarge the image.

From Corey “Compost Guy” Guilmette ’13:

As the sun returns for the Spring and the air begins to warm, that also means that composting is back! You can start composting now!

In under a month of operation last semester, thanks to the help of around 800 participants, we were able to compost almost 300 gallons of food waste! If you forgot how our system works or want to see a map of compost machine locations, check out the composting website.

Unfortunately, do to heavy ice and snow, we had two composting machines break this winter. Please don’t try to use (because it won’t work) the composting machine between Fountain Ave and Pine St. and the machine next to Hewitt. Fortunately, we have replacements coming soon, along with a new machine that will be next to the Bayit!

If you have any questions or want to start composting, please email wesleyancompost(at)gmail(dot)com.

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