Spring Blood Drive

Jennifer Paykin ’12 sends in a picture of Kool-Aid Pitcher’s cousin, also announces dates for this semester’s blood drive:

It’s time again for Wesleyan’s biannual blood drive! The drive will be held on Monday April 11 and Tuesday April 12 from 11:45 – 5:00 in Beckham Hall. To sign up for an appointment, go to the Red Cross website (www.redcrossblood.org) at least 24 hours in advance and search for sponsor code WesleyanU. To find out about eligibility requirements and more volunteer opportunities check out the Wesleyan Blood Drive home page linked to below.

Be sure to drink lots of water and eat iron-rich foods before your appointment, which usually will take an hour. Remember, a single donation can provide enough blood to help three people. Sign up today, or email jpaykin(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or yfang(at)wesleyan(dot)com with questions.

Date:   April 11
Time:   11.45 AM- 5:00 PM
Place:  Beckham Hall

Date:   April 12
Time:   11.45 AM- 5:00 PM
Place:  Beckham Hall

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  1. next year..

    ..maybe have don’t have the spring blood drive the day before/day that senior theses are due?

    just a thought

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