Green Street Stem Cells on the Brain

If you’ve ever fantasized about having an identical clone born from stem cells that could finish your senior thesis by 4pm tomorrow afternoon (I’m talkin’ to you, sleep deprived seniors), then this talk at Green Street this Sunday with Dr. Laura Grabel is the thing for you.

A Discussion on the Biological, Political and Ethical Implications of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research has been an especially contentious topic in the recent years. With the FDA approving human embryonic stem cell testing in 2009, this debate has been a hot topic among today’s scientists, politicians, and religious leaders. If you are asking yourself, ‘what exactly are stem cells and why are they so controversial?’, Wesleyan University’s Dr. Laura Grabel will lead this upcoming Sunday Salon Discussion Series at Green Street Arts Center on April 17 at 2pm to discuss this exciting area of science.

When: Sunday, April 17th
Where: Green Street Arts Center, yo.
Time: 2 -3:30 pm
Cost:  $ 5 suggested donation; clones cost extra.
Added Bonus: Free brainfood from O’Rourke’s Diner.


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