Sup, Tuesday night?

That’s right kids, the rumors are true: LE1F, YOU RIGHT, MIAMI HEAT, and LEMONPUSSY are coming to Wesleyan! The show is next Tuesday, April 12 at 10:00 PM at Eclectic. Come out and blow off some steam with the seniors as they celebrate the end of thesis season.

Come out and send winter away with a Bang! Bring in the spring with what promises to be one of the biggest events of the year!

Free show at Eclectic featuring your new and old favorite campus bands.

  • Date: Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12
  • Time: Doors at 9:30; show at 10
  • Place: Eclectic
  • Cost: Free
  • Facebook event:
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  1. tennesee ill yums

    so true, hosting a free concert that offers an evening alternative to the sold out concert just smacks of entitled douchey immaturity

    1. Powderz for Algernon

      3 of them started for awesomefest and they’re still vastly better than the maggots at the hockey rink

    1. BeReal

      did it ever occur to you that this show is a venue for the 1500 students who didn’t get Matisyahu tickets? like, is it that hard to understand?

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