Overheard on steps: “I’m leading a TA session tonight! I’m getting shitfaced! Whooo!”

Chronic sleep deprivation. Unremitting caffeine dependency. Ceaseless sunshine withdrawal. Horribly masochistic work habits. It’s been a tough few weeks, but we’ve finally made it through alive: our exhausting coverage of you insane thesis-writing seniors is complete, and we Wesleying staffers can finally get some sleep.

Seriously, though—senior honors theses were due at 4 pm this afternoon, and the celebration that spilled onto the Olin steps was a sight to see: a euphoric herd of liberated seniors (and intrigued spectators) shouting out their visceral relief to the tune of popping champagne corks and the Wesleyan Fight Song. Congrats, guys! We’re chugging those 40s with you in spirit. Maybe.

For more on Wesleying’s THESISCRAZY COVERAGE 2011, click here and here and here. For more images from today’s celebration, scroll down. For scenes from past years’ thesis deadline celebrations, click here and here. For information on what it’s like to write a thesis, wait a few hours days—these seniors look busy.

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