Jared Paul drops Ubeatquitous; listeners: “Oh, shit!”

Jared Paul ’11 is not to be fucked with.

Jared Paul takes his sense for solid beat building and mixes it with guest verses by Wes music veteran Josh Smith ’11, an awesome variety of samples (from ethereal to frantically energetic), metal (no, seriously: listen for the blastbeats), and…well, weird shit all on the same album, Ubeatquitous – usually with several on the same track. Possibly a little bit in the spirit of more-recent-than-Alvin-Lucier Wesleyan musical experimenters Shloggfather and Professor MEGASLAM, Jared Paul takes the instrumental and transforms it into more than one half of a hip hop track. Somehow, he manages to simultaneously display diverse musical tastes and a solid attention span within the same cohesive work. Listen if you want to hear something different. Like, Obama-sipping-whiskey-with-dinosaurs different.

Click through to check out a message from the legend himself, including info on some of the other campus artists involved in the project, the download link (name your price!), and a concert you’d be doing yourself a huge favor to attend (WARNING FOR THE TROLLS: THE PRECEDING POST CONTAINS SEVERAL OPINIONS. HANDLE WITH CAUTION.).

I just released my new album!  It’s available for free download here.
You may have seen me playing guitar around campus with WordSmith and the Concert Gs, but I spent the rest of my time recording.  I recorded and mixed Ubeatquitous in my various campus residences throughout my time at Wes, as well as some bits at home in Raleigh, NC, and Brooklyn.
Ubeatquitous spans all sorts of genres, from rock to hip-hop instrumentals to folk to metal.  It’s got fat beats, ethereal vocal arrangements, ripping guitar solos, dogs, and really anything else you could ask for.  There are appearances from many familiar faces from the Wes music scene, including Louis Russo ’11, Nate Mondschein ’12, Josh Smith ’11, Lucy Strother ’11, Spencer Hattendorf ’12, Mel Hsu ’13, Emily Hunt ’13, and Mike Rosen ’11.
Look for other upcoming releases I’ve produced, recorded, and mixed in my house, including Mel Hsu ’13‘s full-length album This Living Room dropping next week [Editor’s note: !!!], and EPs by Mad Wow and Fly Machine.  Also coming soon is the new WordSmith and the Concert Gs EP that we recorded in a sick professional studio.  And be sure not to miss the Mad Wow/WordSmith and the Concert Gs Final Blowout in Beckham Hall, April 23 (info here).
Jared Paul ’11
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