Matisyahu Review Roundup

How was it?

Here’s what people are saying—positive and negative—on the ACB and Facebook. Add in your own thoughts in the comments, and send any pictures from the show to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

  • “Easily the worst concert I’ve ever been to.”
  • “thought Matisyahu was phenomenal. He and his band were really into it, and really on. Vocals were great, the drummer was nuts, and Matisyahu can beat box so fucking well.”
  • “it was fucking awful. the first time i left a concert (that i paid for) before it ended. i would say Baths was something worht paying $10 for, but definitely not this chiddy bang and matisyahu jokers. fucking waste of a free night.”
  • “chiddy bang was sooo good!!!! matisyahu sucked HAHA”

  • “The lights were on in the hockey arena. Most of the crowd was not admitted onto the “ice” even though it was empty. Worst of all the sound was retarded. It echoed like a stadium does and the eq was so bad that you couldnt hear any mids or treble, so basically no rapping.”
  • “Lights on. Security kept everyone except maybe three hundred people off of the floor until Chiddy Bang’s act ended. Matisyahu was just not a good act. He had no energy. Could have fallen asleep. All this, and not to mention the sound quality. Unintelligible at the best. In short: this concert felt like a 10th grade pizza party. Turn off the lights and go away, mom!”
  • “thought matisyahu was pretty titty city myself. couldve been a phenomenal time had it not been sitting in a hockey rink with the lights on.”
  • “Chiddy Bang was pretty awful, the sound system was terrible and you could barely hear anything. If you had the common sense to stay for Matisyahu after such a bad opener then you got an awesome show (unless you went already disliking Matisyahu). He started off by doing an awesome stage dive and everything after that was great. Some highlights were his crazy beatbox and One Day. Overall, Chiddy Bang sucked, Matisyahu killed it, and they should have turned of the lights.”
  • “i had a pretty fun time and really enjoyed matisyahu’s performance. i was way front though. and i agree about the lights.”
  • “Chiddy Bang was a much better performance than Matisyahu. All Matisyahu did was “YoiYoiYoi Yoiiiiiyooo….” for like an hour ( I just hippy-bopped like and asshole the whole time. Chiddy was energetic and upbeat with lots of people dancing and a dope freestyle. Too bad I was stuck on the bleachers and all I could make out were the beats of songs by their blaring Bass… The sound was SHIT I was yelling at the sound guy to turn down the bass so words could actually be heard. The lights were on and people should have rushed the stage earlier. For personal reasons I could not be the first.”
  • “i had a great time. but i was also so wasted that i don’t remember chiddy bang performing. or who i spoke to. or who i danced with. but i do know i had fun!”
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4 thoughts on “Matisyahu Review Roundup

  1. cribbles

    I agree that Wesleying should not cover stuff that we all already read about on the ACB. The thing is, I know “not everybody reads the ACB,” but they do. Everyone reads the ACB. And it is most definitely a reliable source of student opinion, if not an even-handed and thoughtful platform for it.

    But seriously, we all read the ACB. We don’t need Wesleying posts about it.

    1. Lol

      Yeah for real. I’m usually on Wesleying’s side of things, especially when people tell them what to do/what not to do.

      But I’ve always felt a little uneasy about the quoting of the ACB. It’s just overkill. And boring. I’ve already read this shit.

    2. Student

      To refute your assertion that everyone reads the ACB, I definitely don’t. That being said, if I wanted to read what was on the ACB, I could easily go to the ACB.

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