“The Three Most Feared Letters in the Alphabet: ‘GRS’”: A Guide to Housing

Take cover: the first GRS selection night is four short days away. To make the process a bit more transparent, here’s a repost, with slight updates, of Ben Cohen ’10‘s phenomenal guide to housing. [Note: I’m stickying this post to the top for a bit so it doesn’t get buried. Scroll down for more news and events.]

Yes, the three letters that strike fear into the hearts of Wesleyan students like none other. Despite what Wesleying’s “F the GRS” tags and upperclassmen’s horror stories would have you believe, the process isn’t as much of a nightmare as it would appear. It certainly helps, though, to know the ins and outs of each dorm/apartment/house to make sure you don’t become one of those famed horror stories. With that in mind, Wesleying proudly presents its Guide to Picking the Right Room in GRS And Not Screwing Yourself Over, featuring descriptions of each living unit, including laundry facilities, kitchen facilities, and fun facts that few people know and even fewer care about.

(Note: The number of units listed for each building are the units available in GRS, not the total number of units in the building. ResLife sometimes reserves certain units for groups with extenuating circumstances, so there will often be fewer units in GRS than there actually are. Also, the ResLife website has pictures and floor plans of every building except 240 Court.)


AVAILABLE SINGLES: 126 (31 in A; 46 in B; 49 in C)

Laundry: 10 washers and 10 dryers, located in the Butt B tunnels.
Kitchen: Located in the Butt B lounge.
Lounge: Each unit has its own lounge.
Other attractions: CRC (first floor of Butt A), Summerfields (first floor of Butt C), COL library and offices (first floor of Butt C), and classrooms on the first floor of A and C.
Additional notes: Everyone has access to all three buildings from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM weekdays. Vending machines are located in Butt A (same hallway as the classrooms) and Butt C (outside Summerfields). Parking is available on Lawn Avenue (except overnight—there’s no parking from 11:00 PM-7:00 AM) and from 5:00 PM-midnight and on weekends in the “L” lot.

Copenhagens: Rising sophomores are able to form groups of six and select one of the copenhagens (cluster of four single rooms and one double room at the ends of certain hallways) prior to the beginning of the room selection period.

(1 in Foss 5; 8 in Foss 5.5; 4 in Foss 6; 29 in Foss 7)
AVAILABLE DOUBLES: 8 (2 in Foss 5; 6 in Foss 6)

Laundry: Located in the basement of Foss 5 (4 washers and 4 dryers). (Foss 7 laundry is located in French Hall, and not accessible to Nic residents.)
Kitchen: Located off the Nic lounge (Foss 5).
Lounge: One lounge for the complex, located off of Foss 5.
Additional notes: Program houses in each unit’s basement (Japanese Hall in Foss 5, Film Hall in Foss 6, and French Hall in Foss 7). The single-sex halls are located in Nic 5. All of these options are only available during the program housing/community-based living component of GRS. Nic 5 rooms ending in 03 and 10-14 face Foss Hill. Nic 6 rooms ending in 03 and 11-16 and Nic 7 rooms ending in 03 and 08-15 face Foss Hill; all other rooms face Vine Street.

(25 in Foss 8; 38 in Foss 9; 45 in Foss 10)
AVAILABLE DOUBLES: 13 (2 in Foss 8; 3 in Foss 9; 8 in Foss 10)

Laundry: 5 washers and 5 dryers located off the Foss 8 lounge. Additional 2 washers and 2 dryers located in the basement of Foss 10.
Kitchen: Located in the Foss 8-9 connector.
Lounge: Main lounge located in the Foss 8-9 connector. Smaller lounge (sans TV and couches), which also houses the laundry room, located in the basement of Foss 8.
Other attractions: Science Hall (Delta G) is located on the first floor of Foss 8.
Additional notes: Rooms in Foss 8 ending in 08 through 15 face Foss Hill; those ending in 16 through 23 (and 01) face Mocon Circle. In Foss 9, rooms ending in 08 through 15 face Mocon Circle, and those ending in 16 through 23 face the Hewitt courtyard. Rooms in Foss 10 ending in 08 through 15 also face the courtyard; those ending in 16 through 23 face Wyllys Ave. In all buildings, 02 and 03 are two-room doubles at the end of the hall (with balconies). Singles ending in 09, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 21, and 22 have balconies. (Note that rooms on the lower level of Hewitt 9 and 10–those beginning with numbers “90” or “100”–do not have balconies.) The vending machines in the basement of Foss 8 are equipped with WesCard readers that may or may not work; there is also a soda machine in the entry hallway of Foss 10.

156 HIGH ST.

Laundry: 2 washers and 2 dryers located on the third floor.
Kitchen: Located on the second floor.
Additional notes: Room numbers ending in 06, 07, and 08 are right above WesWings and its exhaust. (That’s a bad thing.) The following rooms have balconies: 204, 213, 216, 304, 311, 314, 317. There is parking in the “S” lot in back of the building.



AVAILABLE APARTMENTS: 31 (9 in A, 8 in B, 5 in C, 3 in D, 6 in E)

Laundry: Located in Hi-Rise.
Layout: All apartments have a full kitchen on the first floor in the front. There is also a living room in the back of the first floor. Bedrooms and a bathroom are all on the second floor.
Additional notes: Lo-Rise is notorious for its small bedrooms. Some Lo-Rises have extra half-bathrooms—I believe the ten units in block A. Block C is right next to Hi-Rise, with C-6 being the closest. Block B is the closest to campus, and C and D are set away from the street. Blocks A and E are the closest to William St./Traverse Square and thus the most likely to draw noise complaints. Parking is available in the Hi-Rise lot (“W” lot).

(41 large, 39 small)

Laundry: 9 washers and 6 dryers, located on the first floor.
Layout: Large apartments have a common area with a kitchen off to the side and two rather generously sized bedrooms. Small apartments combine the kitchen and common area. Kitchens have a refrigerator/freezer and oven that are roughly 1/2-2/3 normal size (the refrigerator is still significantly larger than a typical mini-fridge).
Additional notes: Apartments ending in 01, 03, 06, 08, 10, and 13 (except for 506) are large; those ending in 02, 04, 05, 07, 11, and 12 (in addition to 506) are small. 06es have arguably the best view. Hi-Rise is currently the only dorm with working WesCard readers on the vending machines, which are located in the laundry room and also accessible to Lo-Rise residents. Apartments on floors 4-8 are newly renovated; I’m not sure if they’re going to renovate floors 2 and 3 this summer since the major maintenance list isn’t up yet. Hi-Rise has its own parking lot (the “W” lot). By fall 2011, all apartments will have been renovated.

AVAILABLE APARTMENTS: 17 (all five-person)

Laundry: Located off the first-floor lounge, 4 washers and 4 dryers.
Layout: All five-person apartments, except for CAs. There are three apartments in the basement, five on the first floor, and six each on the second and third floors (so 20 total).
Additional notes: Senior Fauver was the site of an actual fire in fall ’06, when a group of people left a box on the stove and accidentally turned on the burner. In an ever-so-shocking move, the apartments and bedrooms were not carpeted—despite repeated student requests—due to “budget constraints.” Like Clark and its freshman counterpart, Fauver has a bike room and first-floor vending machines. It’s also the only building on campus with rooms a floor below the lounge (010, 011, and 012 are in the basement), which I suppose is kind of exciting.

AVAILABLE APARTMENTS: 7 (5 one-person, 2 two-person)

Laundry: None located in the building.
Layout: There are seven apartments; 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are one-person units, while 2 and 7 hold two people (both have two bedrooms). Apartment 3 has its own access to the outside.
Additional notes: It’s almost directly across from Downey House and the English Department buildings on Court Street and also just a short walk from Fisk, making it quite convenient for humanities majors.

AVAILABLE APARTMENTS: 5 (all five-person)

Laundry: None located in the building.
Layout: Three five-person apartments (A, B, and C) on three floors (A is on the first floor, B on the second, and C on the third). All have single bedrooms. Each apartment also has an enclosed porch/balcony.
Notes and minutiae: Nothing that I can think of, sadly.

(3 one-person, 3 two-person, 4 three-person)

Laundry: Located in the basement of the building. One of the few laundry facilities on campus without a WesCard reader—it only takes Mac-Gray cards, which you can purchase in the Usdan basement and Exley lobby.
Layout: There are 10 apartments—four three-person, three one-person (6, 8, and 7) and three two-person (5, 9, and 10). Three-person apartments have one double room and one single; two-person apartments also have only one bedroom. Apartments 1, 2, and 10 are located on the first floor; 3, 4, and 9 are on the second floor, and 5, 6, 7, and 8 are on the third floor.
Notes and minutiae: 126 Pearl is the only apartment building on campus without sprinklers. 126 Pearl was formerly labeled 128 Pearl; the street number has changed, but the building is the same.

AVAILABLE APARTMENTS: 2 (A and B—both five-person)

Laundry: Located in the basement of the building, 15 washers and 15 dryers. Doubles as one of two woodframe laundry facilities (the other being 253 Pine).
Layout: Three apartments (A, B, and C), one on each of three floors (A on the first floor, B on the second, and C on the third). All have single bedrooms.
Notes and minutiae: The building isn’t too terribly exciting, but it is located right next to Neon. Pretty convenient.



1 Person Houses
53B Home Avenue*
239B Pine Street
171A Vine Street

2 Person Houses
162A Church Street
162B Church Street
125 Cross Street
6 Fountain Avenue
69A Fountain Avenue
69B Fountain Avenue
124B High Street
146A High Street
146C High Street
118 Knowles Avenue
122A Knowles Avenue
122B Knowles Avenue
203A Pine Street
203B Pine Street
207A Pine Street
207B Pine Street
211A Pine Street
211B Pine Street
215A Pine Street
215B Pine Street
223 Pine Street
239A Pine Street
261A Pine Street

3 Person Houses
267B Court Street
267C Court Street
127 Cross Street
170 Cross Street
202 Cross Street
10A Fountain Avenue
10B Fountain Avenue
63 Fountain Avenue
126A Knowles Avenue
126B Knowles Avenue
73A Lawn Avenue*
73B Lawn Avenue*
86A Lawn Avenue*
86B Lawn Avenue*
96A Lawn Avenue*
96B Lawn Avenue*
239C Pine Street
251A Pine Street
251B Pine Street
261B Pine Street
21 Vine Street
23A Vine Street
23B Vine Street
151 Vine Street
171B Vine Street
2 Warren Street
324B Washington Street

4 Person Houses
128A Church Street
128B Church Street
162C Church Street
267A Court Street
105 Cross Street
107 Cross Street
109 Cross Street
113 Cross Street
131 Cross Street
168 Cross Street
192 Cross Street
220 Cross Street
224 Cross Street
2 Fountain Avenue
7 Fountain Avenue
14 Fountain Avenue
15 Fountain Avenue
24 Fountain Avenue
29 Fountain Avenue
34 Fountain Avenue
35 Fountain Avenue
40 Fountain Avenue
41 Fountain Avenue
42 Fountain Avenue
43 Fountain Avenue
46 Fountain Avenue
51 Fountain Avenue
57 Fountain Avenue
58 Fountain Avenue
146B High Street
43A Home Avenue*
43B Home Avenue*
49 Home Avenue*
52 Home Avenue*
55 Home Avenue*
59A Home Avenue*
59B Home Avenue*
63A Home Avenue*
63B Home Avenue*
85 Home Avenue*
82 Lawn Avenue*
97 Lawn Avenue*
42 Miles Avenue
235 Pine Street
265 Pine Street
266 Pine Street
269 Pine Street
273 Pine Street
277 Pine Street
9 Vine Street
159 Vine Street
163 Vine Street
167 Vine Street
4 Warren Street
14A Warren Street
324A Washington St

5 Person Houses
27 Brainerd Avenue*
200 College Street
142 Cross Street
182 Cross Street
19A Fountain Avenue
19B Fountain Avenue
19C Fountain Avenue
20A Fountain Avenue
20B Fountain Avenue
20C Fountain Avenue
25A Fountain Avenue
25B Fountain Avenue
30 Fountain Avenue
72 High Street
124A High Street
37 Home Avenue*
48 Home Avenue*
53A Home Avenue*
54 Home Avenue*
72A Home Avenue*
72B Home Avenue*
73 Home Avenue*
77 Home Avenue*
84 Home Avenue*
76 Lawn Avenue*
80 Lawn Avenue*
29 Miles Avenue
231A Pine Street
231B Pine Street
231C Pine Street
5 Vine Street
7 Vine Street
11 Vine Street
6 Warren Street
8 Warren Street
12 Warren Street
14B Warren Street
14C Warren Street
346 Washington Street

6 Person Houses
146 Cross Street
56 Fountain Avenue
64 Fountain Avenue
35 Home Avenue*
44 Home Avenue*
60 Home Avenue*
66 Home Avenue*
88 Home Avenue*
71 Lawn Avenue*
15 Pearl Place
59 Pearl Street
260 Pine Street

Laundry: Woodframe laundry facilities are located in the basement of 1 Vine St. (15 washers and 15 dryers) and at 253 Pine St (6 washers and 6 dryers). You can also use the laundry rooms in the Butterfield tunnels from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM each day (when everyone has access to the Butts).
Additional notes: Every house with five or more beds is equipped with sprinklers, in addition to a few four-person houses. New prototype houses are 19 Fountain (three five-person units), 20 Fountain (three five-person units), 25 Fountain (two five-person units), 231 Pine (three five-person units), and 14 Warren (one four-person unit and two five-person units). 20 and 25 Fountain and 14 Warren have geothermal heating and cooling. Bedrooms in 14 Warren and 25 Fountain have single beds, while the other prototypes have double beds. Select bedrooms in certain older woodframes are also too small for double beds; the ResLife website notes which houses have rooms with single beds. If you have a car, keep in mind parking on Fountain is only on the odd-numbered side of the street, and you will be ticketed if you park in your driveway without a Wesleyan permit. Finally, remember that all the houses on Lawn, Home, and Brainerd are “quiet houses.” If you select one of these houses, you will be asked to sign a contract that states you will be mindful of your neighbors and won’t host any events unless the noise can be contained within the house.

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