Interfaith “Better Together” Brunch

Another event during WesFest from Carmen Yip ’12:

Come celebrate a fruitful year of interfaith work and education! Interfaith Justice League has done amazing programs such as Fast-a-Thon, What IF discussion and the Park 51 Panel. Additionally, there will be representatives from different religious and spiritual communities in Wesleyan. You will get to know about the spiritual life in our school!

There will be home-cooked brunch food as well as delicious sandwiches from Brew Bakers, free!
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Generously sponsored by:
Interfaith Youth Core
ORSL and Father Hal

There is also a very meaningful event co-organized by Interfaith Justice League and Brighter Dawns, that will take place earlier that day. This event would support a water sanitation project in Bangladesh. We encourage you to take part in the 5K event, then come for food, drinks and dialogues! :)

Date:   April 16
Time:   11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Place:  Allbritton 311 (roof)


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