Hot Diggity Dog: WesFest 2011 in Full Swing

WesFest is in full swing, folks. You probably spotted your fair share of those red backpack things from admissions on Foss yesterday (fuck yeah, Hill Season!), and may be utterly floored by the sheer volume of stuff going down this weekend. You’ve probably yelled things at a tour. (If you haven’t, you should.) All these, of course, are portents of a weekend chock-full of fun for the whole family!

The almighty weather gods are apparently considering significant cloud cover for this year’s Zonker Harris Day. Lame, but not like that’s ever stopped us before.

To the prefrosh: we’d like to extend a formal “Hello!”


Click past the jump to enjoy a few welcoming words adapted from an old classic: A-Batte‘s WesFest 2011 post.

Welcome one and all, prefrosh! First things first: If you wanna be Wesleyan Art College’s lover, you’ve gotta get with hir friends. Neverending friendship is indeed possible during your [probable] four years at Wesleyan, and WesFest has been specifically designed to bring out the best in student life so that the insidious hand of the University Homogenization Department remains hidden until you actually live here. So live it up: go to parties (how about that shindig at 200 Church last night?), go to classes (or not), go to one of the millions of talks, performances, screenings and more going on this weekend, and definitely enjoy the weather on Joss Hill after lunch this afternoon – someone has to tell the others what happened.

Hosts, please feel free to make use of the incredibly convenient “things to do with your prefrosh” and “WesFest” tags to quickly discover the aforementioned activities. [If you’re anything like me and will likely run out of points and meals before the semester ends, you may also find the “free food” tag helpful.]

Also, party hard.

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