Public Safety Shuts Down Zonker Harris Day

Around 6:20 pm tonight, a Public Safety officer shut down Zonker Harris Day before Twin Sister even got to play. The band had already set up all of their equipment, and had even started sound check, when the officer declared the event over, as it had gone past the reported ending time of 6:00 pm. When the officer, the students, and Twin Sister failed to reach any sort of compromise, the officer called his supervisor, who asserted again that the event was over. The students in charge of the event proposed moving it inside, to either the WestCo Cafe or the WestCo Lounge, but the officer was adamant that the event was terminated, and that it could not simply be moved to another location. He declared that if the band were to begin playing in the WestCo Cafe, Public Safety would shut it down immediately.

There will be more details added to this post as news arises.

Update 8:00: Twin Sister will actually be performing at Eclectic’s CHANA party tonight, opening the evening at 10 pm. Tickets are $3. Be there.

[8:00 edit: image and update by Zach]

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18 thoughts on “Public Safety Shuts Down Zonker Harris Day


  2. Student

    Any chance Zonker Harris getting shut down had anything to do with the Ambulance/Firetruck/Fireman-carrying-a-stretcher chillin outside of WestCo at around 4?

  3. anon

    It was absurd. At least twice a week, WestCo hosts unregistered events of less than 50 people (or sometimes more). The fact that it is supposed to be a community based living space that encourages arts and music, that loud events are held all the time in the lounge and cafe and no one in WestCo gets angry (especially at 7 pm on a Saturday), and that it was less than 50 people so the event didn’t even technically need to be registered, paint P-Safe in a really negative light. Yes, the festival ran over. Most music festivals run long. I understand P-Safe coming and shutting down the event in the courtyard. But how could they stop them from moving it to the cafe? How do they have the authority to stop people from playing music when everyone wants to listen? It seems like they were motivated by a personal desire to shut down Zonker Harris day, simply because the name was changed back this year.

    1. Anon

      yes, i’m sure that’s exactly why that psafe officer stopped the event…because he/she was just like, totally pissed that it’s called zonker harris day again. obviously.

  4. Anonymous

    One important clarification: P-Safe let Twin Sister set up all of their equipment and begin sound check BEFORE ending the event. They did NOT end it immediately after the previous act.

  5. Demanpf

    PSafe stopped the show despite the fact that there were fewer than 50 people in attendance (which would bipass the event from needing to be registered). Twin Sister were THE HOMIES and were cool with staying about four hours later than they planned in order to play for us at CHANA.

    So many thanks to Twin Sister and CHANA for an incredible show!

  6. Anon

    for real, this is the organizers fault for being idiots…i hope they paid for everyone’s electic tix cause it just ain’t right that students had to pay to see a band that was supposed to be free.
    great job westco. maybe put the joint down for a minute while you’re planning your next event.

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  8. anon

    really? while it may not have been ‘cool’ of psafe, they (more specifically, the officer in question) were just doing their job. Psafe was ensuring that an event that was registered to end at 6 was indeed shut down at that time. The blame here really belongs to the people who planned/ran the event. If there were questions of when the event would end, just register it to run until later, dont bitch and moan after the fact that your event got shut down when you said it would be over.

  9. Adskf

    to be reasonable, if they said they were only going to play until 6pm but they kept playing until psafe stopped them at 620pm then it isn’t really all that bad. yeah, it kinda sucks, but the organizers and psafe had a prior agreement and the organizers seem to have broken it

  10. tacitus

    douch move by psafe on wesfest weekend? absolutely

    but seriously. psafe has been pulling stuff like this all year. we should have learned by now. run/plan your event properly so that it ends on time and we dont all have to commiserate about how much we despise psafe

    1. Trudeau

      I generally hate that kind of bitching (see: Betagate) but this is ridiculous. it’s one thing to stop a show if it’s supposed to end at 2AM, but 6? concerts always, always go long, and it’s wesfest weekend. yes, they’re just doing their job, but come on. there’s honestly no good reason why shows with fewer than 100 people in attendance and no alcohol being served should even need to be registered in the first place.

  11. seriously

    way to be a douche during wesfest, psafe, how many prefrosh who were there are gonna want to come here now?

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