CHC/ASHA Luncheon with HIV Educator

Stephanie Clemente ’11 writes in to inform you fine folks out there about this great talk/lunch/educative-moment. Also includes fancy play-around with text to produce coolio logo. It’s so cool, I’m not going to find a picture for this post:


COME talk and eat with ENID HEALEY, HIV Educator, at CHC’s Oasis Center

Community Health Center, Inc. is committed to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, detecting HIV/AIDS as early as possible, initiating the most effective evidence-based treatment, and ensuring that persons living with HIV/AIDS receive the most holistic, compassionate, and comprehensive set of services available. All sites routinely provide HIV counseling, testing, and education in accord with Centers for Disease Control recommendations. A Ryan White Early Intervention Services participant for many years, CHC provides HIV/AIDS medical treatment directly at some of its sites and indirectly, through referral to community specialists in other sites.

Date: April 18 
Noon – 1:00 PM
USDAN 108 (Taylor Meeting Room)

The Oasis Center in Middletown is a social support center for people living with the virus and is a critical source of care, case management, and social engagement. HIV/AIDS can affect many components of a patient’s everyday life, and our providers make sure that patients obtain the comprehensive care they deserve.

Bring your curiosity and questions as well as your appetite! Enid Healey will not only talk about her role as an HIV educator but also be more than willing to answer any questions pertaining to HIV/AIDS, the Oasis Center and much much more.

Please RSVP to sclemente(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by Midnight on Sunday April 17th if you would like to be included in the lunch order.
Bring your friends!

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